MIS433- Module 5: Developing Reports & Forms

Assignment: Forms and Reports Instructions
Similar to the Module 4 assignment, here too you are given a complete database to use as the basis of the forms and reports you are asked to create. This helps you focus your attention on forms and reports. However, you still need to pay attention to the content of the database and its relationships. Note that the database you’ll need is attached in the assignment submission folder that follows this page.
Here is what you need to do:

Download the Module5.accdb database (you’ll find a link to this in the assignment submission folder that follows this page).
Review its content and take note of the tables and the relationships.
Design a form based on the tblProducts table. Save it as frmProducts.
Design a form with a subform to display Customer ID, Company, and Address as the mainform. The subform will include Invoice Number, Sales Date, and Payment Method. The second subform will display the Product ID and Description for each item on the Invoice. Save this as frmCustPurchase.
Create a report based on the Products table. Group the records by the Make field. Apply a theme of your choice. Save the report as rptProducts.
Create a report based on the Sales table. Group the records based on the PaymentMethod field and calculate total Tax Amount for each group. Save the report as rptSales.

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MIS433- Module 5: Developing Reports & Forms
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