Microeconomics Discussion 4 (250 words)

Watch the following video clip from Disney’s “Frozen”.
“Frozen” is a 2013 movie about Anna and Elsa, sisters and best friends, however Elsa has magical powers that she does not know how to control.  The pair are separated as children and when their parents die, are reunited.  During the coronation ceremony, Elsa loses control over her powers and freezes the kingdom in the middle of summer.    
The clip focuses on Anna, Oaken (the shopkeeper), Kristoff, and his reindeer Sven.
Oaken scene
If you are having trouble with the above clip, you can also use the clip below.

Select a concept associated with Supply and Demand that is illustrated by the video clip. There are many examples of supply and demand that are shown in the clip.
Use the information from the video to support an economic analysis or explain the concept you selected.

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Microeconomics Discussion 4 (250 words)
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Be sure to explain the supply and demand concept you selected being careful to distinguish between change in quantity demanded or supplied (movement along the curve) versus change in demand or supply (shift of the curve).
Also consider the idea of shortage, surplus, and/or equilibrium.
You can also use the factors that shift demand and/or supply as a concept illustrated in the clip. 
Explain how the concept you selected applies to the particular segment of the clip you are analyzing.

Directions: You should write approximately 6 sentences and about 250 words. Please check your work for spelling and grammar errors to avoid a loss of points.


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