Microbiology related case study

Please use University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology case study collection. Search for a case that is interesting for you and applicable to a microbiology course. You can either search by “microbiology” in the search box and then browse the cases, or search for a specific diagnosis. To be appropriate for this course, the case has to be related to a microbial pathogen.
Topic 1
I chose “Case 911 — A Gentleman with a Lump in his Jaw”
   400 words minimum

 Summarize the case and explain the microbiology tests used for the diagnosis. Explain the test and the test result in detail (not only the information provided in the case study).
Include the direct link to the case study.

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Microbiology related case study
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Topic 2
Medication vs Surgical
In 200 words minimum
Which of these treatment are most effective and why?



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