Microbial Genetics

In order to really understand something, you should be able to teach the subject to others. This week you will assess your knowledge by becoming the microbiology instructor. For this unit’s Assignment, you will be creating a test.Create two multiple choice questions from each category below (10 questions total) that will test knowledge and understanding of key topics. You can choose the topics, but your questions and answers should be written thoughtfully. Identify key ideas from each category, and create your questions to test knowledge of these key ideas.CategoriesChemical and physical growth requirements (2 questions)Chemical and physical growth control (2 questions)DNA and RNA replication (2 questions)Microbial genetics (2 questions)Conjugation, transduction, and/or transformation (2 questions)Use the Unit 4 Assignment template for this Assignment. Instructions and examples are included in the template.Be sure to include a reference page where all sources are listed according to APA guidelines.

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Microbial Genetics
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