MHC6306 Week 3 Lecture, Discussion, and Project Instructions

Welcome to Week 3 of the course!
In Week 2, you learned about the importance of human resource management (HRM) in healthcare organizations. The week also focused on HRM’s role in dealing with legal issues. In addition, you explored the major laws affecting healthcare and the legal responsibilities and ethics that impact the healthcare workplace.
This week, you will learn about the role of HRM in dealing with job design, job analysis, and job descriptions. In addition, you will focus on performance management, employee relations, and the disciplinary process.
Let’s begin this week by understanding the differences between a job design, a job analysis, and a job description.
Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

Evaluate the components of job analysis.
Utilize critical thinking to analyze major HR challenges facing healthcare organizations and evaluate methods of minimizing the negative impact

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MHC6306 Week 3 Lecture, Discussion, and Project Instructions
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