Compare and contrast the strategies of two companies in the same industry. Choose 1 industry and use the provided links for the two companies. The choices are as follows:

Domestic auto manufacturer: Company A and Company B
Consumer electronics: Company A and Company B
Commercial airline: Company A and Company B
Package delivery firm: Company A and Company B
Soft drinks: Company A and Company B

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American Airlines. (n.d.). Airline tickets and cheap flights at
Apple. (2021). Apple.
Coca-Cola. (2012). Summer tastes better.
Delta Air Lines. (2021). Airline tickets & flights: Book direct with Delta Air Lines.
FedEx. (2021). Ship, manage, track, deliver.
Ford. (2021). New hybrid & electric vehicles, SUVs, Crossovers, trucks, vans & cars.
General Motors. (n.d.). Pushing the limits of transportation & technology.
PepsiCo. (2021). PepsiCo home.
Samsung. (2021). Samsung US.
United Parcel Service of America. (2021). Global shipping & logistics services.
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