merger presentation

For this assignment, you will be recording a presentation on a recent merger.  You will submit the final presentation to me and it will also be peer reviewed by several of your classmates.  For this presentation, you are to choose a recent (2015 or later) merger that was investigated and/or blocked by the DOJ or the FTC.   (Note – the investigation can still be ongoing).  Identify the firms involved and the key issues/concerns that led to the merger being scrutinized.  Provide information on the final decision (i.e., was the merger ultimately approved, abandoned, or blocked) and the key reasons for that decision.  What are your thoughts, was this the correct decision?  If the investigation is still ongoing, what to you expect the final outcome to be and why?  Be sure to really dig down into the details of the merger and the key issues involved.
Think of it as an oral presentation that you would make in front of a traditional classroom, but you are recording it. It should be 10-15 minutes in length, normally people talk 1-2 minutes per slide, so if you are using a PowerPoint and recording your voice over it (your face should be visible in a corner too) you should have 7-10 slides of information on the merger.
Example may be slide 1 introducing the companies – slide 2 explain why the merger might be a good fit- slide 3 why was it blocked and by who? slide 4 Key issues/concerns may be multiple slides here- slide 5 final decision slide 6 your thoughts and insights.

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merger presentation
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