MBA – Assignment – PPT and Word Doc

Assessment Submission Length: 10–15 PowerPoint slides file and Last slide should have APA references,  plus an accompanying written script in work document explaining each slide. 

Part 1: Followership Defined (approximately 3–5 slides)

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MBA – Assignment – PPT and Word Doc
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Identify the qualities and      behaviors of followers who contribute to the success of an organization.
Using at least one example      from your professional life, analyze how leaders can draw value from their      followers.
Summarize the      responsibilities of followers in an age in which the complexities of      leadership and pace of change are ever increasing.

Part 2: The Leader-Follower Interaction (approximately 3–5 slides)

Analyze how followers can      influence the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of leaders.

Hint: Your analysis should consider how followers empower or enable       leaders’ behaviors (for good or bad).

Illustrate how followers      can effectively communicate and collaborate with a leader whose style is      not consistent with what they desire or with a leader they do not admire.
Propose at least three      strategies for how leaders can better empower and support followers in      meeting their goals.

Part 3: Traits of Leadership and Followership (approximately 4–5 slides)

Examine how personal      traits influence how one leads and how one follows. Draw on professional      and personal experience to provide examples.
Analyze how a follower can      contribute to effective leadership in an organization. Provide at least      one example to support your analysis.
Analyze how a leader can      encourage effective followership in an organization. Provide at least one      example to support your analysis.
Identify at least one      personal trait you would like to improve upon to become a more effective      leader and at least one trait you would like to improve upon to become a      more effective follower. Explain why these improvements would be a benefit      to you and to an organization.


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