Math task

Graphing Trig Functions: Application Problem Based Learning Task
Problem based learning activities not only increase student mathematical understanding but it also prepares them for real life situations and helps make them workforce ready. Students gain an understanding of the application of trigonometric ratios and angle of measure.
Tools – Riding a Ferris Wheel

Uniform Circular Motion

· Using a video device, record the following project. You will submit both the recording and your written work .
· Using vidgrid or your choice of a video recording device, please give a video presentation and explain how your calculations and written work support / demonstrating your understanding of the problem from an engineering perspective.
· You will be teaching a lesson on the following lesson: Amusement Park Engineer. attached
To Earn credit for this assignment:
· You will submit a video Presentation:
· You will submit your written work supporting your proposal as outlined in the project based lab per the instructions
· Students will include all draw out the scenario on graph paper and use trigonometry and appropriate calculation

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Math task
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