Marriott Case – Social Media Marketing

Case 2: Marriott  (10 points)
Read the articles found in the following links and respond appropriately. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
1. Explain how geofencing works with specific reference to M Live.
2. Provide details of  techniques used by M Live to connect with current and prospective guests of Marriott?
3. What are the challenges in the hospitality industry that are pushing industry titans like Marriott to focus more on developing personal relationships with current and prospective guests?
4. Discuss the potential drawback related to customers feeling “creeped out” at being monitored by Marriott via Hyp3r? What are your thoughts about your personal posts being monitored?
5. As a customer, share your thoughts on the potential pros and cons of Geofencing as it becomes more widespread across industries.
6. From the perspective of a business, should clients’ devices have a “No Geofence” button?  Provide an explanation for your response. 

3 pages, APA Style
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Marriott Case – Social Media Marketing
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