Describe the specific strategy (ies) that helped your group members achieve winning net profits and product satisfactions in the game. What specific changes would you make if you did not have the pressure of a grade attached to your choices?  Be specific and Use the concepts from the course to explain. 
The game that is called mini simulation  was about We also all noticed that making sure we satisfied the preferences of our consumers and knowing what their purchase of the backpack behavior is like was important to note to have a bigger market share. It is pretty easy for all of us to design the backpack we  would like to have. the first mini-sim, the objective was to obtain a net profit of $1500 (while also answering the questions correct). We had to make sure that our cost to produce the backpack was less than or equal to, to half of what the backpack would sell for. Also, we had to ensure that when we positioned the backpack and designed it with different materials and straps, it would be bought by the market in which we positioned ourselves into. Something that we used more is the 4ps  (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) 
ALSO IN THE SAME PAGE  3 to 5 sentences of their own major (MINE IS INTEGRATED BUSINESS) takeaways from the simulation that relate their Major. 

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