Management Ethics 5-6 pages


Body of your paper: 5-6 page Paper

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Management Ethics 5-6 pages
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For this assignment, you should focus on the reading material for weeks 1-7. Also, use our library to support your positions.

The  body of your paper: (5-6 Pages total in length)- Show me that you are  attempting to support your thoughts with key material from our reading  material AND outside sources:
Answer the following five questions:

1.  What are some of the most common forms of unethical behavior in our  workforce today? How could leadership in organizations help to minimize  this ethical misconduct? Explain and support your positions with  relevant course content and outside sources.

2. As our businesses  have developed over the last 100 plus years, have our modern day  businesses evolved to be more ethical today? What are some of the  factors that helped you come to your conclusion? Take a position and  support your thoughts.

3. Would you describe the financial meltdown in our 2007-2008 financial markets as a failure of “people” or of our “capital market processes“? Why? Support your thoughts with ethical theory and examples. Use our library for added research if needed.

4. Tell me about why diversity and discrimination are two important ethical factors that leaders should focus on while attempting to manage their workforce? Provide one example of how mismanaging these issues have had an impact on an organization. How would you explain the importance of these to your employees?

5. Are corporate outreach and company sponsored volunteer programs a good idea for organizations to implement? Why? From an ethical leadership perspective, why would you choose OR not choose to implement these programs? Use course theory and  specific examples to support your conclusion.



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