management analysis

 Your Restaurant
“Just Like Mom’s.”
Estimated Budget
(Dollars, except were noted)
Year 2020
Sales Revenue
Sales Revenue $ 720,000.00
(Est. 200 Customers * 360 days * $10)
Catering (add 7.8%) Inc. $ 56,160.00
Total Sales Revenue $ 776,160.00
Cost of Sales
Wages (36.2% of Revenue) $ 260,640.00
Purchases (32.3% of Revenue) $ 232,560.00
Depreciation (2.2% of Revenue) $ 15,840.00
Marketing (1.8% of Revenue) $ 12,960.00
Rent/ Utilities (10.6% of Revenue) $ 76,320.00
Other Factors (13.1% of Revenue) $ 94,320.00
Total Operating Expenses $ 692,640.00
Operating Income $ 27,360.00
Subtract Expenses from Sales
Operating Margin 4%
* All of this information was obtained by reading the IBIS World report provided to you at the beginning of the term.
*Catering income based on the IBIS Hotel Industry report.
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