Management 338 (Chipotle ) Case
The assignment is attached below. 

You are a business analyst in a publicly-traded company. Your team is working with stakeholders regarding options for expansion. The company must decide at least two possible countries for expansion based on specific criteria. Your job is to present a report to identify the following:

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Management 338 (Chipotle ) Case
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Identify the countries where this company is currently operating
Identify and then analyze at least two possible emerging countries for expansion based on specific criteria, such as:

Formal and informal institutions in those countries
International trade and trade barriers
Whether FDI is attractive or unattractive
Foreign exchange opportunities/issues
Whether regional integration is present and how this may impact expansion
Possible modes of entry with recommendations
Discuss marketing/HR items of note to successfully operate in the new country

The projects should contain a minimum of 1,500 words, excluding cover page/references section, and should follow the most current edition of APA formatting.
Instructors determine the due date for this project. In the alternative, this assignment may be given as a group project as determined by the instructor. Individual project is worth 250 points. Submit your individual project to the Dropbox.
company international


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