Manage Ethical Boundaries between Children and Parents

choose one of the following vignettes below to consider possible ethical issues that may occur when working with children and their families. Write a response to case answering each of the key points listed below:As you consider the case describe any ethical issues that you can identify and be sure to cite the portions of the AAMFT ethics code that seem relevant.Describe your decision-making process to reach your therapeutic decisions. Be sure to use your MFT treatment theory to help you assess what to do.Discuss how you will implement your choices in ways that help the clients continue to benefit from therapy. Case # 1At your intake session for Jimmy (age 14), you first meet with both of his parents. They report that Jimmy is a great kid, but they are worried because his grades have dropped, and they think he spends too much time alone in his room. To them, he seems distant and moody; so, they are worried about the impact his behavior is having on his two younger sisters (ages 9 and 6).After a brief break, you take a few minutes to meet with Jimmy while his parents wait in the waiting room. When you ask him about all the time he spends alone, he says it is mostly spent texting girls. While getting to know Jimmy, he also discloses that he has smoked pot a few times a week since last summer and his parents do not know. As soon as he says it, he becomes nervous and asks you not to tell his parents because they ‘would kill me’ if they found out.

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Manage Ethical Boundaries between Children and Parents
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