Man3786 -2

 Your job in this assignment is to convey a sustainability concept to the business world effectively as a marketing firm. Then you will take a sustainable business concept and communicate it in a way that touches environmental and social stakeholders.
Remember that each party has a different way of viewing the world and your marketing piece needs to convince them at their level.
Your piece can be in any format:

Radio Ad
News article

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Man3786 -2
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Types of business sustainability measures:  (If you would like to work with another sustainability measure, please contact your instructor for approval.)

New manufacturing recycling program
Reduction of water use
Using solar to conserve energy
Converting gasoline-powered vehicles to liquid natural gas
Vendor inspections and verifications to ensure product quality and approved labor force

Types of environmental causes: 

Saving the whales
Saving old growth forests
Eliminating poverty
Improving the status of women in the world
Global warming



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