Love Language

Please answer the following questions. Your answers are to be typed in this document and explained in complete sentences. Please do not remove the question. Please cite and list any references that you use. There are five questions worth five points each. Total: 25 points

Question 1 (5 pts)

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Love Language
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Define primary and secondary languages. How does each function in a relationship?

Question 2 (5 pts)

What role does love play in your life and how do you express your love to others? What fuels our emotional need for love and why is it an ongoing need?

Question 3 (5 pts)

What is the nature of real love? Contrast what it means to “fall in love” with experiencing “real love.” What characteristics of real love separate it from a euphoric love experience?

Question 4 (5 pts)

What makes verbal compliments work as motivators? Describe three types of words of affirmation and provide examples for each.

Question 5 (5 pts)

Describe the concept of quality time. What are some ways you can invest quality time with spouses, partners, family members, and friends?


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