concert report on this video:
https://youtu.be/aSBc_08GrA8: Esperanza Spaldin
1.  2.5 pages, double spaced using 12-point font Times new roman
2. Contents 
Your name, and Concert Report number SINGLE SPACED in the upper-
left corner of the draft and the title of the concert/video centered above your first
Describe the entire concert or one or more specific pieces in this concert in terms
of elements of music as discussed in class.
3. Concentrate mostly on what you heard but also make mention of what you saw.
4. Does this cöncert have any meaning to you?
What did you expect before the concert? How did this change throughout the
5. Be sure to combine facts from the performance with your own reactions. For
example, don’t say you liked something (or didn’t like something) without saying why. Always use
musical terms when writing about what you heard.
6. Be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.


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