Change Management Communication Plan Presentation Submit a creative and polished PowerPoint presentation with narration  to share your change management communication plan. The communication  plan should include your recommendations for workforce development  techniques and how you plan to communicate these to the U.S. branch  employees.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

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Define the audience by performing a target audience analysis. (slides 1–2)
Determine core and audience-specific communication objectives  and messages, including appropriate tone. You may include the following information (slides 3–4): 

Discuss goals of the communications campaign. You may consider the following points: 

Why is this communication campaign needed?
What are the essential topics to communicate to company leadership?
What do front-line employees need to know as they experience and deal with the impact of change?
How will you convey need and urgency for change? Discuss What’s in It for Me (WIIFM).
Use a story or a graphic to connect with the change vision for success to the communication plan.

Define and communicate new performance expectations and what stakeholders need to do to prepare for change.

Recommend two workforce development techniques  to support employees’ adaptation to change and build on existing skills and strengths. Consider the following (slides 5–6): 

What do you want the employees of the U.S. branch to do differently?
How should the organization’s leadership support employees during  the change, through training and development programs to address the  gaps?

Determine and review the best delivery channels for  each communication based on the target audience analysis. Select a  minimum of three channels as part of a multi-prong communication  strategy. You may include the following information (slides 7–8): 

What would be the communication timeline for delivery of all messages? Create an outline.
How often will the branch’s change initiators communicate with this audience?
Outline communication responsibilities and assignments. Who is responsible for leading communications with this audience?

Include your plan for a feedback loop to monitor and manage the communication campaign. (slides 9–10) 

Determine metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the success of the communication campaign.
Outline how the metrics will be implemented and tracked through a feedback loop.

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