Live Critical Thinking Task on 18th July 10:50 AM Eastern Time US

Critical analysis of the article assigned using Gibbs’ Cycle within 3 hours. 
Link the article with course understanding from chapters 1 to 8 in the attached PDF text. The article topic will be given on 18th July 10:50 AM EST.
 Here is the instruction for the paper:

1. You have to provide a critical analysis of the article (see file attached) reflecting on your own past experience and using Gibbs Reflective Cycle
2. You have 2:45  hours to complete your exam paper, you have to type your entire essay in a single MS Word file.
3. In your essays you have to demonstrate a decent level of critical thinking and extensive knowledge of the course
4. You can use the textbook and Gibbs Cycle Summary
5. You do not need to cite any external sources except the textbook and the article; avoid lond direct quotations
6. Do not include any pictures or charts in your essay, avoid bullet points lists 
Number of pages: 4(approx)
Format: APA

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Live Critical Thinking Task on 18th July 10:50 AM Eastern Time US
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The paper should consists the following parts: I also attached Gibbs cycle format
1. Introduction:  Introduction should briefly announce main goals of your essay, mentioning Gibbs Cycle and the original article 
2. Description: Should be brief (3 to 4 sentences)
3. Feelings: a) Before situation b) Within situation c) From today’s situation(each section 2 sentences)
4. Evaluation: What went right and what went wrong in situation.
5. Analysis: This part should be 50% of the paper. Explains what happened, why it happened, cover at least 5 mistakes happened and how they could have been handled
6.Conclusion: Summarize all previous parts with main focus on parts 4 and 5.
7. Action Plan: What we can do in future
8. Final conclusion: Please refer Gibbs Cycle pdf.


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