Literature Review

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your ability to formulate a SIGNIFICANT Clinical question and to summarize, critique, and synthesize current research to answer the clinical question.
The literature review allows you to know what others have discovered before you begin your investigation. In addition, you will be considering the clinical application of this research to your clinical practice.  Please see module 4 presentation, “how to write the Literature review.”

This Literature Review will be based upon your clinical interest.
Each student will choose a problem faced by clients in your practice area that you think is important and would like to learn more about 
Students will turn in a 5-page literature review (excluding cover page and references) on the standing knowledge of the chosen question.
You will locate, retrieved, and summarize at least eight (8) research studies that research articles, which meet the following criteria:
Original research studies preferably published from 2015 to the present.
Systematic reviews, metanalysis, or clinical practice guidelines are the best sources of appraised information.
You may also use qualitative or quantitative research articles.
Make sure that your addresses the scope of the “problem”, the population involved, and what you are trying to know (outcomes).
Include what is that you are trying to achieve (purpose) or improve.  
In addition, include a description of the search strategy you used, including search terms and databases that help you retrieve the material.

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Outline for writing your literature review


 Follow APA style formatting guidelines.


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