literature analysis

This is a literature analysis on the implementation of Unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace system.DirectionsTitle Page.Abstract (leave blank for now).Introduction: A brief overview of what you are researching, why, and an overview of your research process (including the main topics you will review). This should be approximately one paragraph.Background: Describe what led to the problem, explain the extent of the problem, and why it is necessary to research and resolve the problem. This should be 2-3 paragraphs.Literature Review: Provide historical background on the area you are researching, provide a contemporary context in which your research is situated, identify any trends in the literature related to your problem, identifies gaps in the literature, draw conclusions based on the literature (what we know about the problem). This should be 2-3 pages.Topic – discussion Problem Statement. Drones that were once a hobby are now the future of aviation community. Humans have always been fascinated with what they cannot do and flying has been at the front of that since the beginning. Drones have gone through multiple phases of regulations since 2005 which was the first implementation and separation of drones from RC planes. Additionally in 2012 the FAA modernization and reform act. This forced the FAA’s hand to establish regulations for commercial UAS operations. In 2015 multiple industries were approved for internal drone programs from 2015-2020 and private citizens could test to acquire a Part 107 license allowing them to fly commercially. Finally, the most recent iteration of this is the implementation of Remote ID starting Dec 2020 and it being phased as a three year process. All commercial drones will have a RF “license plate” This passive broadcast will allow organizations to detect which aircraft is flying, where and who the operator is.  The research aims to look at the implementation of drones into NAS, not a public outcry. The actual work it will take and the timeframes estimated at how it will be implemented. How this process will be implemented is already happening, The initial stages of integration are in the works and are going to the next step with the remote ID which will be mandatory starting 2023. The following stages would consist of less overall restrictions on the aircraft and operator. Simultaneously, the FAA would allow central command stations for the aircraft as they are flown BLOS. I’ll additionally compare how the US military implemented drones into a manned aviation world almost overnight with the Global war on terror and the “lessons learned” from that. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) 

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literature analysis
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