Reading: (MMM)Mitchell, Rosamond, et al – Second LanguageLearning Theories, 3rd edition, Routledge, 2013 Ch.apter 6 (G&S) Gass, Susan M. and Selinker, Larry, Second Language Acquisition, an Introductory Course – Chapter. 11 & Chapter 13.1-13.2Respond to all of the questions below keeping your answer to the expected length. Use 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman, font size 12A. Discuss the different perspectives on input, output and interaction as they relate to SLA. What are some of the shortcomings of these various viewpoints and what evidence argues for and against these different perspectives? (Your answer should be no more than one page in length.)B. Consider teaching intervention from the perspective of focus on form and processing instruction. Describe both approaches and discuss the relative merits and criticisms levelled at both approaches. (Your answer should be around half a page in length.)C. Summarize the different types of lexical knowledge, addressing the difference between productive and receptive lexical knowledge. Discuss the role of lexical knowledge in SLA, comparing to other types of linguistic knowledge. (Your answer should be around half a page in length.)

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