Lightweight White Paper for a fictitious Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

For this assignment, you’ll create a lightweight white paper for a fictitious Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You will use your imagination to create a brand new, hopefully unique, ICO, and develop a lightweight white paper that presents your ICO to prospective investors. A full white paper takes considerable time and effort to create. For this assignment, you’ll only be asked to provide the most essential elements. 
The goal is for you to be creative in your application of blockchain technology, and the explain your ideas. 
To start, read the following article: How to Write a Good White Paper for Your ICO –
Then, explore new and existing blockchain projects in any domain that interests you. You can start with an Internet search for “blockchain use cases” and “current blockchain projects.” Identify a few that you find interesting and learn about each one. Then, think of a new idea how you could apply blockchain in a new and useful way. 
Once you have your idea, create your white paper. Your paper should be in APA format, and have the following sections:
1) Title – a headline that will catch your reader’s imagination
2) Abstract – Summary of what your whitepaper contains
3) Introduction – Introduce readers to the problem you will solve, the motivation to solve it, and how you’ll present your solution.
4) Problem/Market consideration – Explain the current situation (expand the problem from the introduction).
5) Solution – Describe your solution.
6) Summary – Close the sale.

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Lightweight White Paper for a fictitious Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
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