Life Processes Impacted by Controlling Our Genes

In the study of genetics, it is important to understand how a protein is made from the DNA sequence. Recent advancements have also highlighted how important it is to control how much of a protein is manufactured in the cell. Control over gene expression allows the cell to self-adjust to its needs. Studying control of gene expression has provided information about diseases such as obesity, cancer and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Additionally, it is actively being explored to provide potential therapies to alleviate disease symptoms. In this Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation for your colleagues to educate them on the continuing advancements in the field of gene regulation. Assume you would be presenting to an audience with limited genetic knowledge.Create an effective and professional PowerPoint presentation including all of the following requirements:Introductory slide that briefly introduces what your presentation is about. (1 slide)Define and describe the central dogma of biology and the importance of controlling gene expression in the molecular pathway from DNA to RNA to protein in eukaryotic cells as an introduction to your presentation. (2-3 slides)Outline and discuss the RNA interference as a form of gene regulation. Then research and present one article that demonstrates a potential therapeutic drug using this technology. Include information about the disease such as HIV or cancer being targeted in the therapy and explain how this regulation is occurring at the molecular level. (2-3 slides)Outline and discuss epigenetic changes that control gene expression. Then research and present one article that demonstrates how epigenetic changes can be influenced by either maternal behavior, nutrition or the environment. Include information about how the DNA is modified and potential long-term implications for the individual. (2-3 slides)Discuss how these changes or modifications to gene expression can result in different characteristics? Then explain how these changes or modifications are different from a mutation that changes the sequence of DNA. (1-2 slides)Conclusion slide that effectively wraps up your presentation. (1 slide)

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Life Processes Impacted by Controlling Our Genes
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