LGTB Needs

There are two topics/questions. Please pick one of the two topics to do the discussion for. This can be whichever topic is easier, although I would recommend the second one because my facility I work for does not have assessment forms that cover LGTB needs so it’s probably easier to discuss general LGTB community health needs more than facility forms and agency procedures. Please write 400-450 words. PLEASE include at least one SCHOLARLY source like a peer reviewed journal within the last 5 years (2017-2021). The second source can be the textbook I have provided. Please cite next to the info where you got the info from (article or book). Thank you so much. The next part is the “reply discussion post” where I reply to a student in my class. If you pick the second topic to write about, your “reply post” must be to the first topic. You can just generally discuss or make up a facility and whether that facility is good with LGTB or maybe it needs to modify some procedures or forms to be more inclusive of this community, etc. This is also 400-450 words and must include a scholarly article and the textbook or another article. THANK YOU!!Directions from my Professor: TOPIC ONE: Is you facility ‘gay friendly’? Consider your agency’s standard assessment forms. Does your healthcare agency’s nursing assessment form have questions that would suggest to LGTB clients that they could be open about their sexual orientation? Analyze the assessment forms and procedures that you agency uses in terms of their appropriateness and ability to identify healthcare problems around LSBT patients. Provide examples. What questions would you add or change?TOPIC 2: What special health needs to LGTB patients have?What special health needs to LGTB patients have? Does your healthcare facility have provider specialists trained specifically to assist the LGTB community? How might nurses provide culturally sensitive patient care and additionally support the patient’s significant other?Each student will select one of either discussion question (DQ) based on their personal interest and create an individual post. Postings are to be 400-450 words and must contain at least one peer-reviewed article in addition to the textbook or other scholarly/reputable resources.Each student will also create one (1) reply post to the topic you did not select for your individual post. Reply posts are also to be 400-450 words each and must contain at least one peer-reviewed article in addition to the textbook or other scholarly resources.

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LGTB Needs
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