Letter to the editor

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you will compose a letter to the editor concerning a contemporary example of the government’s use of information technology that you support or oppose. A letter to the editor should assertively state your opinion while embodying a professional demeanor. Your letter should articulate how you came to your conclusion, thus demonstrating your problem-solving and/or decision-making process.
Directions: For this, you will write a letter on the topic of technology, history, and society. You should have a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose. In addition, your writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful. Following are the content requirements of the letter:
Pick an example of when the government used information technology to affect domestic or foreign policy.

In your example, how did the government use information technology to affect the court of public opinion?

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Letter to the editor
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Did this concern a domestic or foreign matter?
What information technologies were utilized?
Were they successful/unsuccessful?
Was the use of this technology innovative?
In your opinion, was there anything deceptive about the government’s message? Why or why not?
Do you support or oppose this use of information technology? Why or why not?


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