Leadership need in 24 hrs

This assignment focuses on understanding and mastery of key leadership concepts and enhancing leadership skills. You will have 4-6-academic and peer-reviewed sources and your textbook. 
In a 6- to 8-page written APA-formatted report, address the following questions:

What are the qualities that make a good leader according to the theory you chose to write this report about and what of these qualities do you possess (give examples from your life)?  
Include the major findings of the theory and what recommendations do you have for someone to incorporate this theory into their leadership style.
How does the theory promote ethical behavior in leadership?
From all the theories in this course, what is your leadership style, and does it facilitate empowering others? 

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Leadership need in 24 hrs
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Provide specific examples.

Are you a team player? 
Support your response
How do you handle conflict and diversity?



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