Leadership and Management (with example)

INSTRUCTION FROM PROFESSOR:Review pages 177-181. Share your organization’s Mission statement and/or Vision or Guiding Principles with your group. What responsibilities do these bring to the role of manager and leader? Regarding organizational culture, is what you experience as an employee true to the Mission, Vision or Guiding Principles? Many times the culture is different from these expectations – if this is the case, what changes could be made and by whom to bring the culture into alignment with these expectations?From student: Hi, this is a discussion post. Please review the pages I have attached if it will help with the post it is from my textbook Leading and Managing in Nursing by Yoder-Wise (7th edition). The place I work does not have a mission statement so you can pick any hospital/organization and use their mission statement or vision. You can make up the scenario when it asks for my experience. I am including another student’s post as an example of what was submitted. Thank you! Please cite book in text.

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Leadership and Management (with example)
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