Leadership and Development Plan Mastery Assignment

Prepare this report in APA format that details your research and assessment findings and conclusions, and your  development plan for each phase of this project. 
The sections (include the section titles in your paper according  to APA format) required for this report are as follows: 
a) Title Page [unique title and not title of this assignment – do reference your major in the title, however] 
b) Abstract
 c) Introduction  
d) Relationship between Followership and Leadership Styles and their Traits 
e) Followership and Leadership Expectations in [name of professional field] 
f) Followership and Leadership Assessment 
g) Followership and Leadership Development Plan 
h) Conclusion 
i) References 
APA format resource: Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) – APA Style Guide This APA style guide is the standard reference for Southwestern College Professional Studies and is an excellent resource  to help guide you in the creation of your APA formatted Followership/Leadership mastery assignment. Research:  
You will research scholarly and professional journal articles on followership and leadership topics in Deets Library, from  Open Access Journals, your educational course materials (textbooks etc. ), and from professional associations written  6 Revision – July 2, 2019 within the last ten years. For this research, news sources, general information Websites, encyclopedias, or other similar  sources may not be used.  
References:  The minimum number of references overall for the complete assignment is: 18 (your research that provides a minimum number of 12 references combined with 6 provided materials combines for a  total of 18.) Cited In Unit New research Provided  
Unit 1: minimum references (4 provided and 5 from research) 9 5 4 
Unit 2: minimum number from new research  (different from unit 1 references) 5 5 0 (and include at least 3 used in Unit 1 in addition to 5 new) 3 
Unit 3: minimum of 5 references from Units 1 and 2 (no new research) 5 0 2 and cite the assessments as part of the minimum 2 
Unit 4: minimum of 2 references from new research 
Your reference page should include your sources gained from research and the sources provided (the four articles and  the assessments).   Age of your references from research: they must be published within the last 10 years. 3. Within each of sections d-g, each of the section objectives/instructions must be carefully addressed in this  report. Be sure to carefully review the grading rubric below.
Do note that this is a professional report, so use of  writing voice and contractions, etc. should follow APA format
a. Units 1 and 2 should be written in third person. 
b. Units 3 and 4 can be written in first person according to APA since you will be presenting and analyzing  your personal data. 4. The minimum word length, excluding the title page, abstract, and references, is 2500 words. More than likely,  you will exceed this minimum word length, given the scope and requirements of this project. 5. Submit your report for grading and feedback by Sunday of Unit 5 

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