Your Final Project Report is built on the research and assignments you have completed so far in this course.
You will consolidate your work by submitting two documents:
1- A six (6) page paper in MS Word/.docx on the following topic
An inspired leader who also occupies the top management position often relates to poor performance and slow response to change, especially if the CEO remains in position for a long time and is able to challenge the Board of Directors.Steve Jobs led APPLE to great success and then left, only to return in order to provide renewed direction.What happened?  
You will use your textbook, the university digital library and online resources with proper citations.
Your paper must have three parts:

Review of articles
Opinion and commentary

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2- A four (4) slide MS PowerPoint/.pptx Executive Presentation of your paper.
Your submission will be checked for plagiarism!  A zero tolerance policy will be strictly enforced.  


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