Law 421 Final Exam New (2016 version)/Law 421 Final Exam New (2016 version)

1. ​Civil enforcement powers regarding federal antitrust matters belong to _______.
​the Treasury Department
​the Department of Revenue and Taxation
​the FTC and the Department of Justice
​the Department of Labor
2. Which of the following is true of tort law?
​It protects people from being tried twice for the same crime.
​Tort law typically deals with breach of contract.
​It provides compensation to those workers who have been injured on the job.
​It sets limits on how people can act and use their resources.
3. Fred takes Betty to dinner at a very expensive and exclusive restaurant. The menu does not mention prices. The server takes their order and both Betty and Fred enjoy the meal immensely. When the bill comes, Fred refuses to pay because the menu had no prices and because he and the server never engaged in language indicating and offer and acceptance. The server said, “Are you ready to order?” and when Fred said “Yes,” the server merely asked “What may I get you tonight?” Which of the following is true? 
​Fred must pay based on an implied-in-fact contract theory.
​Fred must pay based on a promissory estoppel theory.
​Fred must pay based on expressed contract theory.
​Fred is correct because no contract was formed.
4. Which of the following statements is true of the WARN Act?

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Law 421 Final Exam New (2016 version)/Law 421 Final Exam New (2016 version)
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