question 1
Select any gang, sex crime, or pornography-related issue/story in the news this week. What, if any, public policy implications are associated with this story? Offer additional thoughts and opinions or related course material/references to support your assessment. Identify the source of the story and post a summary of the story in your initial post. 150 words
question 2
Every day we read or hear in the news about police officers and the use of force. Issues regarding the use of force can cause significant levels of stress for police officers in the performance of their duties. This stress can lead to police suicide. Police officers have one of the highest suicide rates among professionals in the United States. How should we measure excessive force? What can be done to reduce the level of stress for police officers?150 words
question 3 
Gun ownership is an on-going political issue in America. Some individuals in our country see additional gun control laws as an erosion of their 2nd Amendment Rights. How do we balance 2nd Amendment rights against the need to control crime in our society? How do we explain gun violence-related crime rates in cities with some of the strictest gun control laws in the country? Will new gun control legislation help reduce gun violence and gun-related crime? Why or why not? 150 words

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