Go back and review Assignment #2, your Paralegal Field Readiness assessment that you did of yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.  Spend some time reflecting on what you have learned in this course over the last few months, whether matters of law, ethics, or aspects of the legal field you learned about through the interview project or lectures.
In a 2-3 page paper, write about what you have learned this term in this class.  Would you change any of your answers in your first assignment now that you’ve completed the course?   What courses will you take next term and in the 2021-2022 academic year in order to complete your program (plan it out)?   If you are planning to continue on in your legal studies, whether at TNCC or beyond, how will you do so?   What suggestions would you make to improve this course or the paralegal program at TNCC?
I have included the pictures of the Paralegal Field Readiness assessment .
Some of the things I learned that you can add in just go more in depth 
-the true definition of a paralegal and it’s duties  
-More about interview skills
-I learned how to brief a case
-I learned a lot and got a better understanding by playing the icivics game 


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