For this section of the lab, you should consider a security standard that you are familiar with from your employment, academic institution, and/or personal life. If you do not have a security standard that you are familiar with, use a search engine to locate a standard used by a government agency or educational institution.
Identify a set of industry best practices covering the same area as the standard you selected. You may choose to use standards published by the Center for Internet Security, the National Institute for Standards and Technology, a vendor, or other sources.
Select three specific statements included in the standard that you drew from your own experience that are covered by the industry best practice document that you selected. For each of these three statements:

Identify the section of your standard.

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Identify the section of the industry best practices that covers the same topic.

Identify whether the standard you selected satisfies or violates the industry best practice.

Provide a rationale for your conclusion.



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