Answer the following questions in a word document, using paragraph format.  Use your textbook and peer-reviewed research as primary support, and include numerals 1-6 to identify where a new answer begins (do not include the question stem itself when you submit your work).

What is the most common cause of death worldwide?
What are the two most common forms of cardiovascular disease? Explain the etiology of each.
Identify the primary, controllable risk factors for Coronary Artery Disease and Hypertension.
Explain the relationship between amount of exercise performed daily and the risk of mortality and various diseases based on the following article: PADoseResponse.pdf 
Based on the readings we’ve explored in weeks 6 and 7, what amount, type(s), and intensities of exercise would you recommend for someone looking to minimize their risk of CVD? 
What would you tell the same individual about sedentary time and its influence on disease? How should this impact our daily lives and habits?

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