2. Determine how many calories you will expend doing each of the following activities for one hour. Show all work.

cycling (10mph)

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Remember you must convert pounds to kilograms by dividing by 2.2. For example 220 pounds / 2.2 lbs/kg = 100 kg. To determine how many kcal a 60 kg woman uses in 60 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph, you would solve the following equation:
X = kcal * kg * min
X = 0.071 * 60 kg * 60 min
x = 255.6 kcal per hour
3.  Use the attached document “Metabolic Calculations” to help you complete the following metabolic calculations. Show all work.  Remember to use the appropriate equation (either walking or running based upon the speed of exercise).

 How many Kcals does a 200 lbs man burn when walking at 2.5 mph and 3% grade for 60 min?
 How many Kcals does a 125 lbs woman running at 7 mph at 2% grade burns in 45 min?
 How many Kcals does a 300 lbs man burn when walking at 1.5 mph and 0% grade for 25 min?
 How many Kcals does a 150 lbs man burn when running at 8 mph and 1% grade for 40 min?

4.  Jesse decided to determine his 1-RM for the bench press and the squat. After he determined the 1-RM he continued to lift heavy weights for the rest of his workout, with a focus on slow, eccentric contractions in each lift. He left the gym on Friday feeling tired, but good. On Saturday he started to develop some muscle soreness and by Sunday morning he noticed it was difficult to walk and put on his shirt because he was so sore. Using terminology from your text, identify what happened physiologically to Jesse.  Next, explain what, if anything, Jesse can do to help the soreness go away.  Support your writing (300-500 words) with at least two peer-reviewed journal articles.

What is due:

Excel training document updated with week 2 results and video links

Word document addressing items 2-4 above. Be sure you are following APA formatting guidelines throughout


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