Katz ADL Screening Tool

This is a 3-4 paragraph discussion post. Please use two references. One is my textbook I have attached the chapter to be used. The other must be a scholarly article like a peer reviewed journal within the last 5 years. I chose the 1,100 words option for my order so I’m assuming you can do 900-950 or so words for this and 150 words max for the reply post. Directions: “Describe the importance of assessing functional status in your patient population. What screening tool does your facility use? ” ( my facility doesn’t have a specific functional status tool. You can either write that my facility uses a “facility specific” tool that addresses similar questions to the Katz and just “compare” them and differentiate them, OR, you can find a different screening tool on the internet and say that my facility uses it and compare that tool to the Katz tool). continuing directions…..”Conduct the Katz ADL on an older adult and compare and contrast it with the current tool used in your clinical setting. Describe your results and based on the findings, what clinical interventions would be required to promote home safety. Remember to insure patient privacy. Response should be 3-4 well-developed paragraphs with APA references and citations.”SECOND PORTION: This is a “reply to a student’s discussion” post. Please write a general response to a student I don’t have the reply post but write about the same subject just new ideas or examples or expanding on the subject talking about it and the importance of safety, etc… and I will just personalize it to a student’s response. Please also cite the textbook I provided and a scholarly article. This doesn’t have a word count. 130-150 words is okay. Thank you!

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Katz ADL Screening Tool
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