KAPLAN MN580 Unit 10 Final Exam (New) all are correct

Question 1                          
A 10-day-old child presents with multiple raised lesions resembling flea bites over the trunk and nape of the neck. The infant is nursing well and has no fever or exposure to animals. These lesions likely represent:
Question options:
erythema toxicum neonatorum.
acne neonatorum.
staphylococcal skin infection.
Question 2                          
A risk factor for mitral valve prolapse (MVP) includes a history of:
Question options:
rheumatic fever.
rheumatoid arthritis.
Kawasaki disease.
Marfan syndrome.
Question 3                          
The most important aspect of skin care for individuals with atopic dermatitis is:
Question options:
frequent bathing with antibacterial soap.

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KAPLAN MN580 Unit 10 Final Exam (New) all are correct
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