KAPLAN MN568 Unit 8 Exam (50 questions) all are correct

Question 1 
The clinician prescribes glipizide (Glucotrol) for a diabetic patient. Which statement made by the patient would indicate that your teaching has been effective?
Question options:
a) “I’ll take my pill at least 30 minutes before breakfast.”
b) “I’ll take my Glucotrol before bedtime.”
c) “It is important to take my medication right after I eat.”
d) “Since I only like to eat two meals a day, I can take the pill between my meals.”
Question 2 
Urine-free cortisol is one of four diagnostic tests recommended for Cushing’s syndrome.
Question options:
a) True
b) False
Question 3 
A patient is diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Which of the following electrocardiogram changes should the clinician expect as a manifestation of the disease?
Question options:
a) Sinus bradycardia
b) Atrial fibrillation
c) Supraventricular tachycardia
d) U waves

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KAPLAN MN568 Unit 8 Exam (50 questions) all are correct
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