KAPLAN MN568 Unit 2 Exam (50 questions) all are correct

Question 1 
Which of the following statements regarding TST is true?
Question options:
a) Tests should be read 48 hours after the injection.
b) The size of the TST reaction has nothing to do with erythema but is based solely on induration.
c) It is a type V T cell-mediated immune response.
d) The diameter of the induration is measured in centimeters.
Question 2 
Julie has a postnasal drip along with her cough. You assess her for:
Question options:
a) Asthma
b) Sinusitis
c) Allergic or vasomotor rhinitis
d) Influenza
Question 3 
Sinusitis is considered chronic when there are episodes of prolonged inflammation with repeated or inadequately treated acute infection lasting greater than:
Question options:

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KAPLAN MN568 Unit 2 Exam (50 questions) all are correct
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