Jurisdiction Case Study APA format

Need an APA format paper for case studies regarding jurisdiction. Attached is the case studies and below are the requirements. 
Part one:
In 250-500 words do the following for all three case studies

Identify the criminal justice agencies that may want to claim jurisdiction in all three of the case studies
Explain briefly why each agency would want to claim jurisdiction and what the benefit would be to each agency.
Explain briefly why an agency may NOT want to assume jurisdiction.
To what degree should ethical considerations, such as what is best for the victim, the community, or even the offender, factor into jurisdictional decisions?

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Jurisdiction Case Study APA format
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Part two:
In 500-700 words

Select one of the case studies discussed in Part 1. Then, choose one of the agencies and imagine that you are going to argue to your superior that your agency deserves jurisdiction.
Write a report explaining why your agency deserves—or may not want—jurisdiction. Expand upon and build support for the brief explanation from above.

Be sure to state your position and draw upon examples from the case study and learning resources to support your position.

Criminal Justicecase study


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