journal ethics

Mechanical Requirements: 300 words, at least one quote by the author selected. Use the article in our book or the articles uploaded to blackboard to answer these questions. Do not use outside research. Choose one question from these: 1) Discuss Simone De Beauvoir’s assertion that “one is not born but rather becomes woman.” How did this change feminism? How does this resonate with the ethics of race? 2) Explain Karen Warren’s “Eco-Feminism Revisited” and explain her version of Eco-Feminism. What are Oppressive Conceptual Frameworks and how have both women and the natural world been undermined because of them? What does Warren’s depiction of her experience climbing up a mountain intend to show? (article on blackboard) 3) Explain the Eight Principles of Deep Ecology. Do you agree with them? Are there any principles that could be problematic? In your answer explain the concept of “self in Self” (article on blackboard)
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journal ethics
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