Journal #3

Answer the following questions in APA STYLE. Each question can be answered in bulleted points.

Consider the variety of inequity sources described in the reading and reflect back on your own K-12 science experiences. Identify a time that you experienced barriers to your learning of science because of one or more of these inequities (e.g., gender, language, race, socioeconomic status, lack of school resources). Describe how this made you feel and how this impacted your ability learn science.
Select one of the inclusive instructional strategies presented in the reading and summarize what that strategy is.
Describe why you believe this is an important strategy to include in your future elementary science teaching.
Describe how you will implement this strategy in your future elementary science teaching. Be as specific as you can, by including an example. One way to accomplish this is by considering how this strategy will be used in your Field Assignment 2A lesson.

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Journal #3
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