Job interview writing editing and adding.

Statement of Purpose: A brief description of why you want to participate in the internship program? and how it will add to your future career goals? (your answer must be written in English)

A1: To gain further experience and knowledge as well as working within a team. (add 3 or 4 sentences  explaining how)

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Job interview writing editing and adding.
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Gaining the skills of understanding customer needs and the challenges they face by solving these through the products and solutions offered by Oracle. 
(add 3 or 4 sentences  explaining how)

What do you think makes you a unique candidate? (min. 300 words)

(Make it 300 words)

I’m able to balance my technical skills and communicate and contribute well within a team. (give an example )

I work well when under pressure and am able to meet goals within the specified time given. For example, I had to learn new tools and technology such as rest api and react js on my own In very short period of time to finish my academic projects.
 (clean it)

My passion and commitment for challenges is the core of my motivation for problem solving and meeting project deadlines. For instance, i created my own dynamic website on my free time.  (clean it)
I’m able to analyse and identify where problems are and solve them (add more to it)


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