Job Hunting Strategies

Whether you’re already working in the sports industry or plan to in the future, at some point job hunting will most likely be part of the process. To get you started with this process listed below are some good sites to search for jobs.  
Please provide at least one additional website to use in the job search and make sure it’s one that nobody else has posted. In addition share some of your strategies for job hunting and interviewing.
This is your opportunity to reflect on this course and how it helped you prepare for the comprehensive examination. Please provide any feedback and suggestions.
Finally, please reflect on your experiences throughout the degree program. Share your thoughts on the quality of the degree program, how much the program has prepared you to meet your career goals, and your overall satisfaction level with the degree program. Again, any suggestions are welcome.
Just as a coach gets better through feedback from his/her team, we need your feedback to help us make this the best sports management program.

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Job Hunting Strategies
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