Java Programming

Online Book Store 
This project is mainly developed for bookstores & shops to computerize the book purchasing process as with the development of technology the working mechanism in all stores is under the process of digitization. The project aims to create an efficient & reliable online bookselling & buying platform to help buyers and sellers. There are three types of users in this system: admin, buyer, and seller. It saves buyers time by facilitating access from anywhere & providing home delivery service. The main features of the project are: 
1. Admin handles the whole system and has the right to access all data. Admin can add buyer, seller, or any admin member. 
2. Admin can delete buyer, seller, or any admin member. 
3. Admin can modify the records of the buyer, seller, or any admin member. 
4. Only registered users can access the system. 
5. Books can be grouped based on the price, title, etc. 
6. The proposed project also records sold & stock books automatically in the array. 
7. Buyers can check the history of sold and stock books. 
8. The seller can check the purchase history.

Note implement the java theory such as Operator, Condition, Looping, Arrays, Method, Inheritance. 

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Java Programming
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