ITS 532 – Cloud Computing – Cloud Provisioning Contract Assignment

Q) Based on what you read in chapter 12 about best practices for managing the Cloud, use the following template to create a cloud provisioning contract.   Please note, this contract is needed because the consumer may not have knowledge of what’s happening inside of a cloud vendor facilities.

1. No Plagiarism at any cost as the assignment is attached to safe assign.

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ITS 532 – Cloud Computing – Cloud Provisioning Contract Assignment
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2. The submission date is Friday (14/2/20), so the deadline to complete the assignment is Thursday (13/2/20)

3. The solution document should be 2 to 3 pages and entirely in APA formatting 

4. Atleast 3 references in APA format

5. Screenshot of Required textbook and the Cloud contract template document have been put in the attachments    

6. Please read chapter 12 from the textbook in order to work on the assignment. 

7.Please reach out to me at anytime if additional information or documents are needed to complete the assignment.


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