It472 week 6 discussion

DQ6: A useful tool to clearly depict the interrelationship between process and data
models is the CRUD matrix. The CRUD (create, read, update, delete) matrix is a
table that depicts how the system’s processes use the data within the system. It is
helpful to develop the CRUD matrix on the basis of the logical process and data
models and then revise it later in the design phase. The matrix also provides important
information for program specifications, because it shows exactly how data are
created and used by the major processes in the system.

Explain how use case descriptions and UML diagrams work together to define functional requirements?  
What are the differences between the logical and physical Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)?
What are the two most important factors in determining the type of data storage format that should be adopted for a system? Why are these factors so important?

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It472 week 6 discussion
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