It472 week 4

DQ4:  Most business processes are too complex to be explained in one DFD. Most process
models are therefore composed of a set of DFDs. The first DFD provides a summary
of the overall system, with additional DFDs providing more and more detail about each
part of the overall business process. Thus, one important principle in process modeling
with DFDs is the decomposition of the business process into a hierarchy of DFDs,
with each level down the hierarchy representing less scope but more detail.
1) Define what is meant by a process in a process model. How should a process be named? What
information about a process should be stored in the CASE repository?
2) Discuss how the analyst knows how to stop decomposing the process model into more and more levels of detail. 
3) Suppose that your goal is to create a set of DFDs. How would you begin an interview with a knowledgeable user? How would you begin a JAD session?

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It472 week 4
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